Aura's mission is to advocate for sustainability, affordability, equity, and quality of life through transparent, data-driven governance.

Aura is committed to creating a network of urban advocates that meaningfully participate in policy-making for our city. All viewpoints are welcome.

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Urban Rail

Our most recent and major focus has been on urban rail. If you want to foster a data-driven, inclusive, transparent, and successful process for the selection of the initial sequence of Austin's urban rail, there are several steps you can take.

1. You can get involved with us either through facebook or twitter.

2. You can write the Mayor and City Council and ask that Council makes a data-driven decision on urban rail. You can email all of them here.

3. You can join our email list to stay aware of the latest developments:

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You can email Aura at atxaura at gmail dot com. Or you can tweet Aura here.

In addition, you might want to tweet at or DM Aura's Board of Directors:

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You can get our releases, resolutions, and other key documents at our blog

Aura Blog

In terms of our urban rail advocacy, these are some of the key public documents concerning urban rail decision-making. They are often cited in discussions about urban rail.

Central Austin Transit Study

All Systems Go!

Future Connections

City of Austin Urban Rail Public Records, Presentations, and Memos

CapMetro Service Plan 2020

Project Connect Reports and Publications