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CapMetro has a plan to start having buses come every 10-15 minutes along Manor Rd., Martin Luther King Jr, Blvd., Enfield Rd., East 7th St., Metric Blvd., William Cannon Dr., Stassney Ln., and South 1st St., and many others; but the board is having second thoughts. If you support having frequent bus service along these major streets, please sign below and send a message in favor of this bold new plan.  For more information on why this is a good idea, please read here.

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    Yes please! Go public transportation!
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    Central Austin is such a relatively small area, it’d be nice to not need a car! I love riding the bus, but it’s often not very convenient with 40 minute intervals and inconsistencies in arrival.
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    I lived in Vancouver, BC, a huge city, for many years and did not own a car. That’s harder here, in East Austin where I live, because the service is much less user friendly. Every couple of years, rather than take my car to work at UT, I revisit commuting by bus from East Austin to UT, on the MLK 18 line. I always give up in frustration after a few days because buses come too infrequently (especially later in the afternoon, when work is over), or the buses are late, or there’s a detour and the people at the information number are not well informed and changes aren’t adequately posted. If more people can be convinced to use public transit by making it more user friendly, I’m sure this would ease our travel and parking problems and improve air quality in central Austin. I think plans to increase service, especially during the afternoon (after work) and evening hours could make a real difference. It would be optimal if we could have a bus in both directions every 10 or maximally 15 minutes, from early morning until 10 pm. Thanks for your efforts, and please don’t back off the planned changes!
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    This will be a game changer for me and my neighbors. Better, more frequent service would open up new opportunities for us—please keep with your plans! I’m especially interested in seeing a new 820 route that simplifies the current irrational 20 route, going down Guadalupe instead of through campus. This will mean that we can more easily transfer to buses headed to North Austin and can reach the Drag and North Lamar much more efficiently.
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    I occasionally ride the bus to and from downtown for work. A big reason I don’t ride more often is that the buses only run every half hour, so it often means I have to wait a long time. I support increasing bus frequency in Austin.
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    Capital Metro adds value to the community by connecting people to the jobs, places, goods, services and people that they need or desire in their lives. The single most important way we can judge the success or failure of that missing is if people are using the system. Maximizing ridership means Capital Metro is maximizing that value and utility. Broad coverage that carries few people is a waste of resources and results in community ill will towards transit. Connections 2025 is an excellent step in the right direction of improving value that Capital Metro brings to our community and will help to create a positive feedback loop with the community – I fully support it.
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    Fix the abysmal bus services in Austin!
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    I would absolutely ride the #2 and #6 bus more often if they came frequently.
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    Carly Haithcock
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    Hanna Jamal
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    Public transportation in Austin is sorely lagging behind the growth that we are experiencing. Even prior to that, more frequent bus service was needed in East Austin, please don’t back off a move in the right direction!
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    Totally support increased bus service by Cap Metro!