Working Groups

AURA has a variety of working groups that lead our efforts on particular issues. The board of AURA invites our members to join working groups based on the members' interests, abilities, and availability. You can register your interest in specific working groups during membership registration or by contacting the working group chair. Working groups typically ask their members to commit to a minimum period of involvement and to attend a minimum number of meetings. If you're excited about a particular issue that isn't covered by one of our current working groups, you can submit a proposal to the board for a new working group. AURA currently has three working groups:

CodeNEXT Working Group:  Austin is currently studying and rewriting its Land Development Code (LDC), through a city-authorized process called CodeNEXT. There is arguably nothing as intricately linked with every item of AURA’s platform as the Land Development Code. The LDC regulates the market forces that incentivize or disincentivize developers from building abundant, affordable, and livable housing for current and future residents of Austin. Furthermore, the extent to which the LDC encourages or discourages sprawl will influence the future of Austin’s transportation infrastructure, economy, and environmental sustainability The working group's goals are to educate AURA members and supporters on how the LDC affects their communities and the city overall, and to advocate for AURA’s platform throughout the CodeNEXT process. The working group will remain involved at every step of CodeNEXT, up until the implementation of the new LDC in 2017. The CodeNEXT Working Group is chaired by Amy Hartman and Brennan Griffin.

CodeNow Working Group: Austin City Council has recently considered several land use reforms endorse by AURA. The CodeNow Working Group will engage stakeholders and staff to advocate for AURA’s position and advance each resolution for passage. To do so, they will attend and speak at appropriate stakeholder and commission meetings and suggest positive alternatives to prevent the resolutions from being watered down. The working group has a sunset date of December 31, 2014—the last day of the sitting council—or after each ordinance has been voted on by council, whichever comes first. The CodeNow Working Group is chaired by Andy Elder and Cory Brown.

Guadalupe Corridor Study Working Group: The Austin Transportation Department has initiated a study of Guadalupe Street between MLK and 29th—the Drag—and surrounding areas. The study will recommend changes to “increase pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, and public transit mobility, accessibility and safety.” This working group is focused on the potential for extending transit priority lanes from Guadalupe and Lavaca downtown to the Drag, and ensuring that public discussion on the matter is ongoing and data-driven. The working group will engage in observational studies in the corridor, collecting and analyzing data on transportation usage to better inform the public process. The Guadalupe Corridor Study Working Group is chaired by Robert Prentiss.

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