Guadalupe Corridor Is For People

AURA's Guadalupe Corridor Working Group has been following the corridor study process and has released the following report.  We call on Austin City Council and the Transportation Department to take bold steps.  We specifically encourage extending the transit priority lanes from downtown to the Drag, removing the wall on the east side of Guadalupe, and removing the on-street parking from the west side.  

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  • Brandon Tucker
    commented 2015-08-18 23:10:02 -0500
    As a resident of North U., I utilize (and lament) the Drag often. I really like all your ideas. As a cyclist, I actually don’t particularly care for the new green bike lane because every intersection I come to, I fear for my life knowing moving cars turning right probably don’t see me behind the parked car or truck between us. Oh yeah, and peds seem to always wander into the green lane staring at their phone or something with no idea they are waltzing into traffic.

    To be honest, I know bikes are necessary to some degree on Guad but I would much prefer bikes be encouraged to use Nueces and Rio Grande instead (encourage them by smoothing the streets out and replacing stop signs every block with roundabouts or some other mechanism to help cyclists make good time without having to break the law.

    Good luck convincing UT to knock the wall down…Wouldn’t that be nice!
  • Mike Dahmus
    commented 2015-08-17 16:28:23 -0500

    That’s fundamentally irresponsible. The study will be tilted to show that the performance of transit on the right side isn’t as bad as it really will be in real life, because the city and transit agency lack the political honesty to make tough, open, accountable, and honest decisions. You have just handed a toddler the choice to decide between vegetables and ice cream and walked away.
  • Eric Goff
    commented 2015-08-17 15:19:33 -0500

    We call for both center running and side running to be studied.
  • Mike Dahmus
    commented 2015-08-17 15:10:34 -0500
    Extending the transit priority lanes (implying continuing to run on the right) to an area with two-way traffic, extensive right turns, and lots and lots of parallel pedestrian traffic is a horrible, no good, very bad idea. This will be an intervention which does very little to make buses move quicker, but will slow everybody else down significantly, and will present an irrevocable obstacle to rail in this corridor. (Nobody ever ‘upgrades’ transit lanes on the right to new dedicated lanes in the curb – this doesn’t happen in the real world).
  • Andrew Fogelsong
    commented 2015-08-17 11:12:28 -0500
    I like the idea. The wall on the East side of Guadalupe is just east of the public sidewalk and serves to mark the UT boundary. I do think UT could spare 20ft of space east of Guadalupe. It would only negatively impact the trash pickup and delivery truck area between the West Mall and 24th.