IndyAustin's anti-CodeNEXT petition is invalid and bad for Austin

Fifty years ago, Austinites against integrating neighborhoods worked to put up a petition on the ballot to fight housing integration. They called Austin’s Fair Housing Initiative “Forced Housing.” IndyAustin and its allies are fighting the same fightthey want to freeze Austin’s neighborhoods in amber and forbid more homes west of I-35 in Central Austin, thus accelerating the rapid change and displacement happening in the East. In their attempt to block adoption of CodeNEXT, Austin's new land development code, they hope to maintain our unaffordable, segregated status quo.

By taking money from Big Billboard to fight against a future for Austin, IndyAustin has shown their true nature: opposition to economic integration. AURA continues its call for an Austin for Everyone, and that means planning our city so that as many people as want to live in a neighborhood can afford to.

IndyAustin’s petition isn’t just bad for Austin, though: It’s a fraud. The fraudulent petition is illegal under state law, which doesn’t allow for ballot initiatives on this type of zoning matter. Any lawyer worth his salt would know what the Texas Local Government Code § 211.015 says on the matter, or at least do some research.  

AURA looks forward to the rejection of this invalid, illegal, and fraudulent petition by the City Council. If for some reason a ballot initiative gets to voters anyway, we hope Austinites embrace the future, continue to be a welcoming city, and bury this effort in our exclusionary past. Their fraudulent petition misled Austinites and was an intentional distraction from the real issues of sustainable and affordable growth.

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  • Athena Jezik
    commented 2018-05-21 14:04:15 -0500
    I think the mention of UNAGENDA21 is something AURA is hiding. Why would they work so hard to discredit the opposition if there wasn’t about keeping a scam alive by keeping the truth from the people? And why would my previous comment be flagged if there wasn’t something that needs to stay hidden? CODENEXT is NOT a local effort, it is a UN effort to turn Austin into a feed lot for humans. Please study this, it isn’t good. democrats against UN Agenda 21 dot com… no spaces.
  • Athena Jezik
    commented 2018-05-21 09:15:07 -0500
    This issue of new ‘codes’ which are also not lawful is fueled by UNAGENDA21. ‘Lawmakers’ in Austin are all acting outside of their jurisdiction and stopping this horrific agenda CODE NEXT under the control of UNAGENDA21 is what we need to be focusing on. AURA is more likely the one who is outside of the law.
  • Austin Citizen
    commented 2018-03-08 20:55:41 -0600
    Darn that pesky democracy; letting voters decide – we’ll have none of that! The evil corporate conspiricy, nafarious allegation and racist taints are nice touches.

    How dare the public petition their government for a say in matters that affect them. Shut up and do as WE say! Thanks AURA for setting us straight and correcting the mistaken belief this was a democracy.

    Invalid? Begging your pardon, but let’s wait and see shall we?